Air filters and dust eliminators.

Product Applications

Gas Phase Filtration
Gas Turbine Filtration
Air Pollution Control Systems
Commercial & Industrial HVAC Filtration
Painting Booth Filtration
Nuclear Application
Tobacco Smoke Filtration

Gas Turbine Filtration

We have developed and are producing a vast range of air filters, which can be used for multiphase air cleaning in gas turbine and air-compressor equipment and for other purposes.

As the first step rough filters are used, which can protect the next phases from sediments (rain or snow). To solve this problem one can apply grid mesh filters of and type with viniplast and metal meshes, polyurethane foam reticulated mats and glassfiber filter medium. Mesh filters and polyurethane filters can be used for many times after their washing.

Meshl filters of and type

Filters of , , and type are used for cleaning of suppey and recirculation air in systems of air-conditioning and ventilation.

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Fiberglass filter media

Fiberglass filter media of PS type is used for rough precleaning of air from sediments (rain and snow). This media is able to capture large particles of dust. According to the efficiency it may be referred to G3 class of filters for rough air cleaning-EN779 concerning.

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As the last step filters for rough cleaning are used more often of G3-G4 class - panel filters of PGPF and pocket filters of PF type for example.

Particulate panel air filters of type PGPF

Particulate air filters of type PGPF are used for cleaning of supply and recirculation air in systems of general ventilation and air-conditioning in rooms of various purpose in household, administrative and industrial buildings.

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Particulate pocket air filters of type PF

Particulate pocket air filters of type PF are used for cleaning of supply and recirculation air in general ventilation and air conditioning systems.

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Then filters of fine efficiency F6-F9 are installed. To them belong compact filters of CMPF type or pocket filters of PF type, as a rule. Cartridge filters of accumulative type may be applied also instead of CMPF filters.

Pocket filter of fine efficiency of PF type (F6-F9)

Filter of PF type are used for cleaning of supply and recirculation air from particuls in systems of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

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Particulate compact air filters filters CMPF

Particulate compact air filters filters CMPF are used for effective cleaning of air from finely dispersed aerosols in systems of general ventilation and air-conditioning. They can be also used as pre-filters before highly effective and ultra highly effective filters HEF (HEPA and ULPA).

The filters can be used in various industries, including for air cleaning in gas-turbine and compressor units.

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Compact high flow filters with minipleated packages of type HFMF-H

Compact high flow filters with minipleated packages of type HFMF-H (filters HEPA) are used for highefficient (final) cleaning of air and sterilizing filtrations in medical institutions, at enterprises of pharmaceutical industry, as well as in clean premiseses of other branches of industry (microelectronics, microbiology, food and etc.). The particularity of these filters is their high reception capacity (efficiency).

Filters are to be also used for cleaning of extract air from harmful microorganisms and radioactive aerosols at bacteriological labs, at nuclear plants etc.

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Cartridge filter of type

Cartridge filter elements may be used in system for preparing air of gas turbine and compressor devices. In view of higher dust concentration in the air (deserts, steep regions, industrial zones, etc. self regenerating filters of CFE type may be used. The said are cartridge filters that are self cleaned through pulse jet, thus a great flow of compressed air.

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The offered scheme of recycling air cleaning in gas turbines in the most widely practiced. The separate installation of different phases may be used or it may be formed as an integral unit.

Fig.1 Pre-filters three-step block:
1 - body of pre-filter;
2 - PF pocket filter of G4 class;
3 - glassfiber medium;
4 - Polyurethan foam reticulated.

One of block installation schemes in the filtration multi phase accumulative system. The said block provides air cleaning from 3000 to 4000 m3/h. The composition of these blocks in filter booth may provide the clearing of large volume air.

General view – pre-filter block and compact CMPF filter.

Fig.3 General view – pre-filter and compact filter block