Air filters and dust eliminators.

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Gas Phase Filtration
Gas Turbine Filtration
Air Pollution Control Systems
Commercial & Industrial HVAC Filtration
Painting Booth Filtration
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Painting Booth Filtration

According to the type of paint used the painting booth can be divided in two groups:
1.Painting booth in which the paints of different organic alcohols, solvents are used
2.Painting booth in which powder paint is used, while the paint is sprayed in the booth electrostatic spraying and the following melting of paint in special both of the heating.

Painting booth in which paints on organic basis are applied

Pre-filtration from dust and aerosols before coming into the booth is necessary as well as the filtration of exhaust air from particles of that point, which is not sprayed on product (article), and from vapours of organic solvents, which make the basis of the paint.

For the purpose of incoming air cleaning we normally use multi phase air filtration where the filters for rough cleaning are installed for the first phase. High efficient filters for the 2 phase and ceiling filter of F5 class is set on the ceiling of painting booth as a final stage.

Recommended Products

Coarse Filters

We produce filters for rough cleaning, which are used for pre-cleaning (rough of air, coming into premises. Filter of G2-G4 classes belong to them according to EN 779. These filters are usually installed in air inlet and protect devices for incoming air from impurities. Mesh ФяРБ, ФяВБ, panel PPF, goffered PGPF, pocket PF filters ( G3-G4) belong to them.

Fine Filters

We produce highly efficient filters of F5-F9 classes according to EN779: PMF-F, CPF, CMPF, HFMF-F, which provide the required stage of incoming air filtration in promises of higher comfort: five-star hotels, office quarters of A range, medical institution (except surgery and aseptic rooms) etc. For cleaning of a large air volume one can use FCPF pocket and FCCF folded sections of filters.

Roll Filter Media

We distribute roll filter media which are used usually for selling up in cartridges (cells) of rourh (recleaning) filters in systems of ventilation and air-conditioning. They may be used for exhaust air cleaning in some cases.

Painting booth with powder paint spraying

It exhausts air only that requires filtration in these booths. This air is coming out of boots for electrostatic spraying. It contains the dust that has not covered the painted product.

Cartridge filters of DCF type are used for cleaning of air. In these cases the dust concentration of cleaning air is high (several grams for m3). Then it is necessary to set pre-cleaning (cyclone CC-15) before DCF filters.

Recommended Products

The cartridge filters with the pulsed jet of type DCF

The cartridge filters with the pulsed jet of type DCF are used for the high efficient cleaning of air from all types of dusts (including finely dispersed solid aerosols).

Filters of type DCF are more efficient as compared to the baghouse filters and are able to catch finely dispersed aerosols, which are formed, for instance, in the process of plasma or laser sharpening, welding or other technological processes, connected with the formation of condensed aerosol.

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The cyclones of type CC-15

The cyclones of type CC-15 can not be used in explosive environments; it is not recommended to use them for catching highly agglutinating dusts, especially with small diameters of cyclones.

Depending on air flow and conditions of application cyclones can be single (internal diameter from 200 to 2000 mm) or group - of two, four, six and eight cyclones with identical internal diameter (from 300 to 900 mm). Group cyclones can be manufactured with the "left" and "right" rotation of a gas stream, single - only with the "right" rotation.

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Filtering elements of cartridge type CFE

Filtering elements of cartridge type CFE are used for equipping cartridge (selfcleaning) filters, which are to be use in different branches of industry for cleaning of the aspiration air from different types of dusts.

The filtering elements of cartridge might also to be used in the systems of air prepared for gas turbine and compressed air installations. The filtering elements of these filters work in the modes of regeneration (selfcleaning), which is realized through the pulsed jet by compressed air.

CFE can be made of various filter materials on the base of cellulose, synthetic fibers (polyether, polypropylene) and mix of cellulose and synthetic fibers as well.

Filter materials obtain high efficiency of cleaning and might be chosen according to requirements of the customers. The efficiency of standard CFE filters for most types of dusts is normally not less than 99.9%. For capturing of finely dispersed aerosols (plasma, laser sharpening of metals, etc) the high efficient synthetic medium with the efficiency of cleaning not less than 99.9% according to particles having size of 0,5-1,0 mkm can be used.

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