Air filters and dust eliminators.

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About Folter

Founded in 1995, enterprise " Folter " is the leading enterprise of Russia in the manufacturing of the variety of air filters and dust collectors, which are used in petroleum and gas production, in metallurgy and machine-tool constructing, chemical and engeneering industry, , in medical, food industries, in transport, in the objects of warm supply and electric power industry; in construction and housing and communal services.

Employees of our enterprise have a long-term experience (50 years) in development of new kinds of air filters and dust collectors.

Our manufacture of air filters and dust collectors includes some workshops:

- workshop for tailoring pocket and bag filters;
- workshop for manufacturing HEPA and mini pleat compact filters, and also cartridge dust filters, etc;
- work shop of hardware (the house bag filters, wet dedusters, electric filters, cyclones etc.)

Our enterprise has also test rig for air filters according to techniques accepted in Russia and in Europe (EN 779, EN 1822) as well.

For receiving more complete and fast information about our production we have a network of our representations in various regions of Russia and other countries: Folter-SP b(S-Petersburg), Folter-NN  (N.Novgorod), Folter-E (Ekaterinburg) Folter-South (Nevipomysk) and Folter-Ukraine ( Harkov-Ukraine).